• Jake Haven Parisse

Collin Tully and northbound

Early 2018 I had the pleasure of stepping into the shoes of Collin Tully, the son of an affluent plantation owner in 19th century Virginia. Written and Directed by Marvalee Peart , Northbound: The Tully Edition, premiered as a part of Theatre for a New City's "Love and Courage" event. Certainly one of the darker roles I have stepped into, and I am grateful to have taken the journey with such a supportive team.

In addition to my work as an actor, I was given the challenge of choreographing a rather brutal instance of violence during the play's climax. I must commend actor Jes Davis for her strength and focus during the rehearsal process. When the hours piled up and the subject matter darkened, Jes always rallied with impressive conviction.

Northbound: The Tully Edition was a limited engagement event that premiered at the Players Club NYC on February 26th 2018

Also pictured: Donal Brophy as Benjamin Tully

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