• Jake Haven Parisse

A brief return to academia

Less than a year after graduation and I'm already back on a college campus... but this time as a teacher! I've been lucky enough to spend my Tuesday and Thursday mornings assisting Certified SAFD Teacher Ray Rodriguez in both his Single Sword and Rapier and Dagger classes at Adelphi University. I found this experience has not only enriched my abilities as an actor, but also as a choreographer and fight director. In the world of fight direction, it is very rare that you will be working with actors who are fully trained in stage combat, so often a large portion of the early stages of choreography are crash courses in whatever style they will be fighting in. My time with Ray has certainly helped to establish and solidify my own pedagogy, and it was a welcome brush up on the basics.

Upon completion of the semester, I became eligible to apply for the rank of Advanced Actor Combatant with the SAFD, the highest rank available to actors before Certified Teacher.

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